L2 Destroyed Zeppelin airships

L2 Destroyed Zeppelin airships

The unfortunate history of the Zeppelin airships is great, greater than that of another type. By the yesterday Friday destroyed Naval Airship “L2” the number of those Zeppelin airships, which have been destroyed by accidents, is swollen to ten, spread over a period of seven years.



16. January 1906 The first was the “LZ 2”, which fell victim to a storm in the Allgäu, he was followed on
4. August 1908 of the “LZ 4”, which was destroyed at Echterdingen, then on
25. April 1909 the “LZ 5”, which crashed in Weilburg.
28. June 1910 In the forest Teutoburg Delag airship “Germany” was stranded, a short time later, on
15. September 1910 burned the “LZ 6” in its hangar at Baden-Oos.
Mid June 1912 burned the “LZ 8” in the hall to Friedrichshafen almost completely. 
Then occurred only after prolonged 
Pause on
19. March of this year the disaster of the airship “Ersatz Z II” in Karlsruhe and at the
9. September 1913 the destruction of the Navy airship “L 1” in the vicinity of Heligoland, the maneuvers of the fleet in the North Sea.
17. October 1913 Now the second Naval Airship “L 2” has succumbed of the destruction.




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