L2 Specifications

L2 Technical Specifications



Number at the Zeppelin shipyard: LZ 18
Year of construction: 1913
Building shipyard: Friedrichshafen
Construction type- official description: i
Navy description: L 2
Length: 158 mtr
Diameter of the fuselage: 16,6 mtr
Number of edges: 19
Distance of the ring-bearer: 8 mtr
Number of Cells: 18
Content of Cells: 27.000 m3
Carrying capacity: 11,1 t
Static height: 2.000 mtr
Number of engines: 4
Manufacturer: Maybach
Engine type: C-X
Power per engine: 180 hp
Total power: 720 hp
Number of gondolas: 1 guide gondola

2 engine gondolas

Number of propellers: 4
Speed: 21 mtr/sec.
Range: ~ 2.100 km
Access (Navy): September 1913
Number of trips: 10
Total flight time: 34 hr 16 min.
Total route length: 1.717 km
First operational Voyage:: 9. Oktober 1913
Exit (Navy): 17. Oktober 1913
City: Johannistal
Cause: Oxyhydrogen-Explosion, Falls from height of 200 mtr


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