History of the L2

History of the L2



The Imperial Naval Airship “L 2” was the greatest of all the Zeppelin airships, which Germany had at the time.

The experiences that the Imperial admiralty had made with the destroyed “L1”, had shown that for the sea vessels are to be used, which are motor-driven stronger and must have greater capacity than the country airships. The acceptance driving of the “L 2”, to which the authority put the officers and crew, while the Zeppelin company did let participate an engineer, took place on Sunday, 20 September 1913, so only a short time after that bleak afternoon in September, when the first proud of the German naval airships, the Zeppelin airship “L 1”, near Helgoland fell victim to the violence of the elements and was buried in the North Sea floods.

For a more detailed explanation:

Every airship has first to do a number of so-called yard of navigation tests, in which are tested the general facilities and the overall usability of the airship, before it passes into the possession of the naval administration. These shipyard test drives had “L2” put behind it.


Zeppelin LZ 18 - Marine-Luftschiff L2 - Johannistal

On 20 September was “L2” while on the drive still in possession of the shipyard, but was declined after the arrival in Johannisthal subject of the correct functioning of all parts. A reservation which is common during the further so-called Navy test drives.

During this period, the Navy Board is in a position to require certain amendments, which appear to be necessary, and on the fulfillment of these demands will depend the final takeover. At this stage has “L2” been, which has been in the possession of the naval administration under the usual caveats and would have remained in such position until the complete execution of the test runs.

The decline in travel on 20 September 1913 exhibited the capacity of the recent Zeppelin ship a striking testimony: as the ship, whose leadership layed in the hands of the captain Glund, had to struggle with extremely difficult weather conditions that have been victoriously overcome. 

This first big trip – on this the airship showed herself to the Leipzig population at lunch hour for the first time – showed clearly that in the “L2” was found an adequate substitute for the destroyed “L1”.

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